Irie Coaching Services

Life Coach

We offer a life coaching programme is an investment in your own future. Endeavour to unlock potential by booking this 7 session programme after your FREE no-obligation discovery session.

Staff Coach and Staff Training

Irie delivers workplace staff training and motivation in order for Call Centre Staff to boost performance potential within their job role, whilst helping corporations to implement an incentive policy that actually works. Our clients see Corporate Responsibility benefits of having a personnel centre approach including increase staff wellbeing and team performance, attracting and retaining top candidates, improved public image, building credibility and help you stand apart from competitors. So, Irie sells the staff training but Irie gives a working culture and ethos to ensure sustainability in the workforce that is economically changing.

Make a change to see a change! It is widely accepted that engaged and motivated staff create a better working environment that consequently leads to a more profitable business. Irie Coaching believes all staff in every job role regardless of industry, should be able to achieve life balance and be comfortable knowing that their work performance is appreciated. By removing KPI monitoring from shop floor staff and approaching training from a coaching, mentoring and incentive angle, staff will have a healthier mindset daily. Studies show staff that feel appreciated typically perform 50% better than disenfranchised employees.

The Irie Method increase staff retention, decrease cost of recruitment and increase performance, making Irie Coaching the right choice for call centres. Irie Coaching moving personnel from No Show to GO GO GO!

Escape Coaching

Though our corporate partnerships Irie Coaching can offer FREE Life Coaching to anyone suffering the effects of domestic abuse

Employment Coaching

Though our Jobcentre Plus partnership Irie Coaching can offer FREE Life Coaching to anyone currently claiming a means-tested benefits

Empowerment Reading

Alisha Patrick (Irie) has written a few books now, so watch this space! We will post links here ASAP.